Rock Stars of Aging – Roselio Muniz at 101


Roselio Muniz is 101 years old and he’s sharing the daily activities and choices he believes are responsible for not only getting him to this point but have allowed him to continue to live a life of vitality and passion. 

Whether it’s getting a knee replaced at 92 or cycling several miles a day, see why life as a centenarian can be more fulfilling, exciting and vibrant than you ever imagined. 

Roselio believes it’s not just his physical health that’s kept him strong for so long. He explains why it’s so important to him to keep learning, to enjoy time with his family, to spend time daily focusing on his faith and to practice forgiveness. Long after you watch this story, you’ll remember this charming and inspirational Rock Star of Aging™

Special thanks to Florida Hospital for providing some of the footage used in this story. 

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